Fall 2017 Update

December 4, 2017

The LAM board has been busy continuing the work of advocacy and education on behalf of the membership and all people with lymphedema.

Following up on the Board motion at the AGM in March, LAM members participated in a second AGM in October of this year. This second AGM puts LAM in place to now have fall meetings that are in line with the end of year financial report. At this meeting a vote was held to extend the terms of the current Board of Directors until October 2018. This was passed unanimously. A call for new board members was also put forward. If you would like to be nominated to the new board in October 2018, please contact LAM at

March 2017 AGM

October 2017 AGM

Over 100 people (members, families, and friends) gathered for the Pasta & A Pint fundraiser. The event was very successful with good reviews. Lots of good food, talk, laughter, and prizes.

The LAM board is in the process of planning the 2018 Symposium which we will be held on March 9 & 10, 2018. Details will be shared as speakers are confirmed.

The new LAM website will be up and running in the new year. The website committee has had a peek at the site during construction and are very pleased at what has been done so far. We will keep you posted.

The Board, with the feedback and input of the Professional Advisory Working Group, is working on a statistical patient tracking form for therapists and fitters. We hope to have the form distributed very soon. The data collected will not include any personal identifiers. Without this data LAM can only provide estimates to government - we believe sharing actual data about Manitobans will speak louder.

The Communications Working Group has submitted the insert for the January issue of Pathways. We are always looking for suggestions for articles for the Pathways insert. Please contact us at if you have an article in mind.

We hope you will enjoy the remainder of the Fall even though Winter has knocked on the door once or twice. If you are planning to go south for warmth and sunshine, safe and healthy travels.

LAM Board

Thank you to our professional members for their continued support:
Andrea Allingham, Bonnie Baker (Lymphedema Depot), Connie Beaton (Nor-Man Breast & Women Cancer Network), Diane Cousins (AccuCare Canada Inc - Compression Therapy Centre), Breast Health Centre, Claire Ann Deighton-Lamy (Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies Inc.), Karen Dobbin, Marita Dowsett, Wanda Guenther, Wendy Leroux, Linda Menzies (Morden Massage Therapy Centre), Edith Mulhall, Evelyn Paiuk, Chandra Rossnagel, Cynthia Thom, Amanda Wallis


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