Come out to the Lymphedema Support Group

October 12, 2019

LAM is pleased to provide information on behalf of the Lymphedema Support Group that operates in Winnipeg.

The first Lymphedema Support Group after the summer break is on Tuesday, October 15, 2019. Remember the group meets in its new location

Bardal Funeral Home

on 843 Sherbrook St. at 6:30 - 8:30. There is lots of free parking onsite.

Come by and have a cup or tea or coffee with us.

This week learn about Sandy's husband Ernie becoming a centrefold in a magazine! Extra issues of Pathways and the sleeve dryer will be available.

Also get information about a photography opportunity for women who have survived breast cancer. Find out the speaker booked for November 15th.

There are hundreds of people living right here in Winnipeg with lymphedema or lipedema. Let's talk about how we can connect with others.

(This support group has been active for several years now and new attendees are always welcomed. This group operates in Winnipeg but is open to anyone able to come into the city to attend)


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