Managing Lymphedema

Managing Lymphedema

"Lymphatic Medicine: Paradoxically and Unnecessarily Ignored"

An editorial authored by Dr. Stanley G. Rockson, MD, in Lymphatic Research and Biology, 2017, can be found here.

Canadian Lymphedema Framework

Hints and tips posted on the CLF website

Khan Academy

Video on the physiology of the lymphatic system

Canadian Health and Family

Canadian Health and Family produced a video in which Dr. Anna Towers educates about lymphedema and some effective treatments that reduce the abnormal accumulation of lymphatic fluid such as compression therapy.

Lymphedema - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

A YouTube video produced by that discusses all of the lymphedema-related topics listed.

Lymphedema Care and Management in Canada

An article published in the Journal of Lymphoedema in 2011 that can be found here.

General Lymphedema Information from the (USA) National Cancer Institute

Patient version

Professional version

Lymphedema FAQs from the Lymphatic Education & Research Network


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