Board Members

Board Members

Serving as a Volunteer Board Member of the Lymphedema Association of Manitoba (LAM)

The Lymphedema Association of Manitoba (LAM) is a registered, charitable association on a mission to ensure Manitobans impacted by lymphedema have equal access to appropriate resources. LAM strives to educate the public and health care professionals on the issues and the needs of those affected with lymphedema while empowering affected individuals and their families to manage this condition. As a working Board, LAM is comprised of three and a maximum of 10 Directors, working together to support lymphedema awareness.

Board Member Application

Current Board Members (elected at the AGM of Oct 2020)

Linda Menzies (President)

Term to October 2022

Linda has a background in Orthopedic Massage Therapy. She advanced her education as a dual graduate of both Vodder International and Klose Training to achieve the golden standard of care in Complete Decongestive Therapy. She is also an Expert Certified Fitter for medical compression garments, post-mastectomy breast prosthesis and bras. Her passion is to provide patients with professional care for the many aspects of lymphedema, and at the same time offering choices in products and styles. Linda works together with many other health care professionals in Southern Manitoba to provide optimal care to people in rural Manitoba. She is the owner of Morden Massage Therapy Centre and MENZIES ProCare.

Isabelle Thorvardson (Vice-President)

Term to October 2022

Isabelle graduated with a Bachelor of Education in May 1972 but never went back to that field of work until 1987. She then taught for 19.5 years until she had breast cancer surgery in May 2003. She returned to work for a year and then took early retirement in June 2004. It was in June of 2005 that Isabelle developed lymphedema in her arm after her first bout of cellulitis. She now lives with lymphedema every day of her life.

Isabelle was a charter member of the Lymphedema Association of Manitoba. She spent five years on the board from its beginning, took a leave for one year and now has returned for a two year term. Since she lives in a rural community, living with lymphedema is more challenging and certainly more expensive, as each treatment requires more travel. LAM's mission statement of promoting greater awareness to all healthcare professionals is always her prime goal because this is a lifelong condition. There is still so much education that needs to happen before all lymphedema patients receive the care they require.

Claire Ann Deighton-Lamy (Treasurer)

Term to October 2021

Claire Ann graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science followed by a CMA (CPA) designation. Since 1991, she has worked for Diamond Athletic Medical Supplies Inc. Her career began in sales which included custom garment fitting. She has participated in field training and education for lymphedema across Canada.

Claire Ann strongly believes in educating the public and health care professionals about lymphedema and the issues surrounding it. In turn, that education will impact the goal of equal access to appropriate resources for those affected by lymphedema.

Claire Ann has been a part of LAM since 2012 as Treasurer, more formally as a board member in the same role for the past three years.

Adrienne Pearson (Secretary)

Term to October 2022

Adrienne Pearson has a background in Enterostomal therapy as well as surgical nursing. Currently she works as a Skin & Wound Consultant for inpatients since 2012. Adrienne Chairs a Skin and Wound Committee and is an active member of the Regional Wound Care Team.

Adrienne became interested in supporting LAM while attending the LAM Big Breakfast in spring of 2019. She was able to network at this function and gain a mentor, who encouraged her to take advanced training in lymphedema management. Adrienne recently graduated as a Certificated Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) from Klose Training.

Adrienne intends to use her specialized lymphedema training to impact change and awareness regarding lymphedema management and risk reduction practices. She hopes being a board member of LAM will assist in advocating for increased resources and equitable provincial funding for lymphedema management in Manitoba.

National Lymphedema Awareness Day happens to fall on her birthday, which seems quite fitting!

Ace Zhao

Term to October 2022

Ace is currently a student at the University of Manitoba, Asper School of Business. He is in his fourth year of his Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in Accounting and Finance. By joining LAM he hopes to make a positive impact on the community, especially those affected with lymphedema and elicit awareness for those who don't. Ace believes his tech-savviness could better equip the organization to take on future challenges.

Cherida Olson

Term to October 2021

Cherida became a board member last year while attending the annual general meeting. She developed lymphedema in her left leg in 2002 following a diagnosis of cancer in her lymph nodes in 1997, but it has become far more aggressive since 2012. Cherida is currently on treatment battling stage 4 metastatic melanoma. The impact of having lymphedema is significant and plays a huge role in her daily functioning. She strongly encourages and supports the LAM cause. Cherida has 30 years of administration experience having worked in the private sector for many years before becoming involved with the province of Manitoba. She enjoys the outdoors, is Pilates certified, and keeps as active as possible.

Ron Wersch

Term to October 2021

Ron is a retired 30 year Federal Government employee whose career was mainly in Information Technology. He possesses three professional certifications from Microsoft and another from CompTIA A+, as well as a Business Administration diploma from Red River College.

Ron was born with bi-lateral primary lymphedema from his knees to his toes. His condition, albeit being managed, was a factor in his decision to retire when he did at 52 years of age.

He brings his IT background to LAM and his desire to give back to the community that has helped him deal with his affliction over many decades after being diagnosed.

With his condition, he was not able to participate actively in sports in his formative years; but is a great supporter of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (and attended the 2019 Grey Cup in Calgary!) and is a Winnipeg Jets season ticket holder.

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